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About Us | Reigate Stepping Stones

About Us

What is Reigate Stepping Stones?

Reigate Stepping Stones is a registered charity (charity number: 1136374). We are also a company limited by guarantee (company number: 1136374), however, this does not mean that we make a profit.

What do we do?

We run a Social Group twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday from 10.30am until 1.30pm for people who suffer from mental health problems living in the East Surrey area. We also providing signposting to other relevant organisations and services that our members may benefit from.

Who are we?

The organisation is run by trustees who employ two members for each Social Group session..

What are our aims?

    1. The main aim of the Reigate Stepping Stones is to provide the sense of normality to people with mental health problems somewhere to meet in a friendly relaxed environment with like minded people which is similar to the variety of Clubs that exists in the local community that specialise; namely Cricket Clubs, Golf Clubs, Theatre Groups, Church groups, etc.
    2. Provide companionship in order to minimise loneliness, isolation and exclusion, especially those people who have difficulties with travelling, crowds, etc. This would enable members to sustain their current mental health instead of this deteriorating.
    3. Encourage and increase social abilities and skills.
    4. Enable members to motivate themselves by having a particular place to go where they feel that they are accepted as they are even on days when they do not feel so good.
    5. Enable members to share each other problems by talking them through and supporting each other.
    6. Provide a variety of formal and informal activities that would enable members to gain confidence and self esteem thus enhancing their mental health well being.
    7. Enable members to be given advice on where to go for Welfare Benefits, housing, financial and mental health problems.
    8. Give the opportunity for members to become volunteers within the Group so that they are able to accept responsibility for themselves and of others and ensure the smooth running of the Group. By helping, supporting and encouraging other members this would enable volunteers to feel worthwhile and valued.
    9. Develop respect for oneself and others.